Notice of Annual General Meeting


Dear ConnectGroups Member

ConnectGroups Support Groups Association WA Inc. gives notice of its Annual General Meeting will be held at:

Bankwest Place, 300 Murray St, Perth WA on Tuesday, 15th October 2019 at 10:00am.



  1.  Agenda Annual General Meeting.
  2.  Proxy form for Members unable to attend the Annual General Meeting.
  3.  Nomination form for the ConnectGroups Board of Management.


Nomination for the ConnectGroups Board of Management are now open and must be received by Tuesday 17th September 2019.

We look forward to seeing you at the Annual General Meeting or should you not be able to attend please utilise the attached proxy form to register your vote.

Please RSVP or send your proxy form by 9.00am on Friday, 20th  September 2019 to  


Yours sincerely

Godfrey Baronie