Shirley*, aged 83, lost her husband five months prior to accessing Hand to Heart. She had no remaining living friends and was anxious about leaving the house to meet new people. 

Following two home visits from Hand to Heart volunteers, Shirley joined a local senior’s community group where she has since made several new friends and rediscovered a sense of belonging.

Hand to Heart – Social Connections for Older People

Many older people live alone and may become disconnected from the community following the loss of a loved-one, changes to lifestyle due to injury or ill health or barriers coming from a culturally diverse background.

Hand to Heart is a free program that assists older people in the Melville region connect to services and community groups via a short series of home visits by volunteers. The service is backed by a database of social activities and interest groups, as well as service providers; including meals on wheels, financial counselling, technology support and exercise classes.

Hand to Heart connects older people with relevant services and activities to help them create meaningful social connections within the local community and improve their overall quality of life.

Do you know someone who could benefit from Hand to Heart?

Our team of friendly volunteers are available weekdays to visit older people in the Melville region. Visits usually last an hour and volunteers will have a friendly chat with the person to find out what services or activities they might be interested in. Our volunteers will then provide sequential visits to provide recommendations and assistance in getting the person connected.

If you know of someone who may like to access this free program, please contact ConnectGroups on (08) 9364 6909 or click here to fill in a referral form. Change a life today simply by making a connection!