Building the Capacity of Peer Support Groups

ConnectGroups services the Support Group Sector through sector-informed training, resources, events, and information.

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Advocating for the Support Group Sector

As the voice for Peer Support in WA, ConnectGroups consults with Support Groups across the state to ascertain and respond to immediate and emerging needs. ConnectGroups is committed to building connected, thriving communities by advocating for an effective and sustainable Support Group Sector.

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Working Collaboratively with Government and Non-Government Agencies

ConnectGroups believes in working collaboratively to meet mutual outcomes for those most vulnerable.

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Delivering Innovative Programs that Promote Connected Communities

ConnectGroups delivers a number of unique programs aimed at addressing identified gaps within the community, including mental health, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social and emotional wellbeing, isolated seniors, suicide prevention, chronic health, and more.

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