Who We Are

Since 1983, ConnectGroups has provided practical assistance to both new and established groups to support their effective management and role in the community.

ConnectGroups aims to help people help each other by providing Support Groups with:

  • Links to community networks and information.
  • Assistance with group development and management.
  • Support with community resources and services.
  • Individual and group skills training.

ConnectGroups promotes the philosophy and practice of peer support throughout Western Australia. Fostering empowerment among Support Groups allows people dealing with stressful life problems and situations to share their experiences and to offer emotional and practical support to one another.


Connected thriving communities.


Connecting the community through building Support Groups that aim to combat isolation and give hope for the future.


Leadership and Courage, Connectedness and Inclusion, Advocacy and Support, Compassion and Hope


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QIC Accredited

ConnectGroups is accredited under the Quality Improvement Council Health and Community Service Standards (QIC Standards). The QIC Standards focus on the delivery of services with an emphasis on community contexts, in accordance with sound management principles, legal requirements, strengthening of external partnerships and positive outcomes.