Become a Member

At ConnectGroups, we realise that beginning a Support Group and keeping a group going through its inevitable ups and downs may be daunting. We are here to lend our support to our member groups to ensure their strength and sustainability.

Some of our services are to:

  • Provide knowledge and resources to start Support Groups
  • Provide ongoing assistance to existing Support Groups in terms of internal dynamics, facilitator training and linking in with relevant community resources.
  • Develop and deliver specialised sector development to our members.
  • Hold community forums to bring together different groups for purposes of networking and information sharing.
  • Refer individuals to existing Support Groups.

There is NO CHARGE for membership.

Membership is granted to individual Support Groups, and to organisations that have existing Support Groups or have an interest in Support Groups.

For more information about membership, please contact our Community Development Officer Tegan O’Rafferty at