Melissa Grove

With a passion for people and development, Melissa Grove is a professional with more than 17 years of financial and commercial experience, working across ‘big  4’ public practice, large corporates, and diverse geographical locations. She is a collaborative leader who thrives on seeing her contribution deliver both value and results. More recently she has applied her skills and experience to supporting start-ups, for profit organisations and First Nation’s people in business.

Through a professional career spanning different countries, Melissa is adept to translating her skills to differing cultural and legislative environments. Her experience in public practice has allowed her to understand local and global statutory obligations, balanced with the commercial acumen required to run successful organisations.

Completing her MBA in 2019, she serves on the ConnectGroups Board and as a Non-Executive Advisory Board Member to Circular Seed. A committed and values-based leader, Melissa has a diverse range of skills to contribute beyond the traditional.