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Linking Together uses local venues to support social interaction and friendship for carers. In providing regular, planned, carer focused and flexible outings at low or no cost, linking Together seeks to allow carers the choice of attending outings and activities are suitable for them. Our Linking Together carer events are designed to be easily accessible to the carer; relaxed, friendly, supporting and a gateway to access other services. These monthly activities can also provide the carer with a well-earned break from their caring role in a friendly and social environment, which will hopefully introduce the carer to a whole new peer support network in their own local area or community.

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Age Group
55+ years
Gender Group
All (Male and Female)
Social or community activities, Group based multiple sessions
Meeting Times

We have numerous groups in all Metro and some Rural areas. Full event details can be located in our Carers WA Newsletter or by viewing the Events on our website