Debriefing Pilot Project

Addressing the Mental Health Wellbeing of Support Group Facilitators

An emerging issue from ConnectGroups’ 2020 sector consultations is the increasing demand for training, support and professional supervision of Support Group facilitators. Sector forum participants expressed a need for professional supervision and debriefing and mentoring of facilitators.

Peer and/or mentoring support for facilitators has been identified as a strategy for ConnectGroups to explore. To address this identified need, ConnectGroups has partnered with the University of Western Australia Social Work and Social Policy (School of Allied Health), Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences to conduct a 13 week pilot program with the aim through pre and post service delivery of the significance and merit of debriefing on the mental wellbeing of the Facilitator.

The Debriefing will be offered across a 7-week period commencing on the 19th October 2020 to the 4th December 2020. The number of sessions will be dependent on the frequency of the Support Group meetings.

Expressions of Interest have now closed.

For further information about the Debriefing Pilot Project, please contact the ConnectGroups office on (08) 9364 6909