Blackwood Youth Action Inc.

Blackwood Youth Action.jpg
24 Steere Street, Bridgetown WA, Australia
33 Steere Street Bridgetown Western Australia 6255 AU

Blackwood Youth Action Inc. is a not-for-profit association and registered charity. The goal of the organisation is to support marginalised and at-risk young people in the Warren Blackwood region to improve their health and wellbeing through:

  • developing a youth space
  • creating linkages between all youth related organisations and activities
  • improving youth belonging and engagement in the community
  • empowering young people to meet their fullest potentials

Several Support Groups are operating at Blackwood Youth Action Inc. including mental health, LGBTIQA+ and parent Support Groups.

Contact Person
Lisa Burgess / Sarah Youngson
08 9761 4215 / 0483 322 216
Support groups with online meetings available