Bladder and Bowel Health Australia Inc.

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5/1140 Albany Highway Bentley Plaza, Bentley WA 6102
1140 Albany Highway Bentley Western Australia 6102 AU

We offer continence assessment and management services for older adults, including those with disability.

In 2019, Bladder and Bowel Health Australia joined Therapy Focus to deliver Continence Advisory Services for older Australians.

Our Bladder and Bowel Health Program focuses on prevention and management of bladder and bowel health issues, with our qualified health professionals providing advice, assessment and continence management strategies.

One in three Australians are affected by bladder and bowel issues, and incontinence is the third highest reason for older Australians leaving their home prematurely to seek residential aged care. However, more than 70% of bladder and bowel issues can be cured or made significantly better by making small changes to your daily routine.

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