Connect 2 U

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Joondanna WA, Australia
77 Powell Street Joondanna Western Australia 6060 AU

Connect2U is a peer-based skills group drawing from DBT (dialectical behavioural therapy). This group is all about connecting us to live authentically in a group rich in support to navigate the complexities that comes with being a human being.
We will be creating a safe community space to help each other connect with who we really are, while learning the skills to regulate our emotions and gain insight and understanding about the more tricky parts of ourselves.
Skills exploring-
*Emotional regulation tools
*Navigating conflict by using interpersonal effectiveness tools
*Mindfulness tools
*Distress tolerance de-escalation strategies

Facilitated by Peer Mental Health professionals, Carissa & Scott.

Contact Person
Carissa Wright
0477 854 790
Support groups with online meetings available