Disability Review

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Perth WA, Australia
4 Roe Street Perth Western Australia 6000 AU


This group is essentially UrbanSpoon for people living with disability. The purpose of the group is to give people living with disability and other stakeholders an opportunity to share information and review the services that they require in an open forum.


Our aim is to establish different conversational threads and discussion boards. For example, one discussion could be about accessible restaurants, another thread could be about supported accommodation facilities, therapy services, community access/personal care support services, educational institutions and services, accessible holiday destinations, concert venues, NDIS related topics etc. While this group is specifically designed for individuals living with disability, anybody living with a disability or those in their family or support networks are welcome to contribute.


The ultimate aim of this group is to foster networking and bring about personal empowerment and self development. We have established this group knowing full well that “knowledge is power” and it is our hope that you will be able to come here to swap stories both online and offline, and, in turn, live a better life, participating more in the community and in all other aspects of life, as a result of this group.

Contact Person
Evette Wilson
0409 243 074
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