Ending Conversion Practices WA

Perth WA, Australia
395 Wellington Street Perth Western Australia 6000 AU


A coalition of survivors, LGBTIQA+ community and faith leaders working to end conversion practices.

Vision: For LGBTIQA+ people to be safe from harms caused by conversion practices and ideology, and instead be able to embrace their gender, sexuality and individuality.


  • To raise awareness that LGBTIQA+ people are whole just as they are and should not have to be exposed to the harms caused by Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Change Efforts (SOGICE).
  • To identify, enhance and enable support services for people affected by SOGICE.
  • To engage with the WA Government on the SOGICE Survivor Statement recommendations and advocate for a responsive approach to addressing harms that centres the lived experience of survivors.
Contact Person
Chris Bedding
0405 525 476
Support groups with online meetings available