Great Southern Noongar Emerging Leaders

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4A Nakina Street, Centennial Park Albany, WA 6330, Australia
4A Nakina Street Centennial Park Western Australia 6330 AU

The Great Southern Noongar Emerging Leadership Group is committed to working with all Great Southern Noongar communities and people to create an environment of unity and trust, where Aboriginal people are empowered to lead healthy lives and create their own positive future through strong leadership, collaboration, and purpose. The group meet quarterly in the region of the Great Southern part of WA and regularly organised large scale events for the betterment of the community aimed at improving the social and emotional wellbeing of the community, they also advocate for the aboriginal community through leadership camps, forums and conferences. raising awareness of mental health issues, enhancing community understanding around positive mental health

Contact Person
Stuart Roberts
0458 273 441
Support groups with online meetings available