Heart Support Australia - Perth Metropolitan Branch

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Perth WA, Australia
3 Roe Street Perth Western Australia 6000 AU

Heart Support Australia offers a new era of managing heart disease by educating, supporting and empowering individuals to gain the ability to manage their own condition for the long-term.

By sharing experiences and personal challenges, peer support members gain a sense of belonging, recognition, validation, and value. Peer support can prevent worsening of physical and mental health, and reduce the risk of returning to hospital.

If you have had a heart event, talking with someone who has shared the same or similar experience makes it much easier to express your feelings and concerns. Being heard and understood helps to break down feelings of loneliness and isolation. It helps you to come to terms with the emotions, loss, grief and life changes you may be experiencing. Unfortunately, patients with heart disease are usually left on their own after their new diagnosis, surgery and cardiac rehabilitation, with lots of questions but no long-term support services other than seeing a GP or cardiologist.

Heart Support Australia invites guest speakers to talk and help participants to manage their condition.

Monthly sessions are held on Thursdays 6pm to 7 pm, starting the 15th Feb, 2024

The sessions are free and no booking is necessary.

Join Fay (Group facilitator, heart surgery survivor)  to make the most of these free sessions.

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Fay - Group facilitator, heart surgery survivor
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