Jurien Bay Community Men's Shed Inc.

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12 Gypsum Street, Jurien Bay WA, Australia
12 Gypsum Street Jurien Bay Western Australia 6516 AU

Jurien Bay Community Men’s Shed (JBCMS) delivers programs and activities that not only target men’s health, but also provide a range of services designed to benefit the broader community. A specific target group of JBCMS is men who for whatever reason have become socially isolated, disconnected and/or withdrawn. These men are more likely to suffer mental and physical health issues, including anxiety, depression and other stress related illness. Such men are at risk of self-harm.
Most “shedders” see themselves as having a strong sense of belonging and ownership of their shed. They share fellowship, camaraderie and interests. Many devote a considerable amount of their time towards worthwhile community projects, fundraising activities and events.
JBCMS maintains an open door policy and does not reject any person on the basis of race, disability, religion, age, sexual preference or ethnic background. Restrictions may be placed on participation in certain activities for safety reasons or if a member requires the assistance of a carer.
JBCMS has proven itself to be a viable, successful and well managed organisation over the past 7 years. During that time it has grown its membership to 55 and become the “go to” organisation in Jurien Bay when other groups, clubs or organisations, including the Shire of Dandaragan need to have a job done, something made or volunteers to help out. JBCMS has also become a regular source of funding for charitable and other groups looking to fund raise for men’s health issues, depression, suicide prevention and other worthy causes.

Contact Person
Rob Shanhun
9652 2848 or 0475 516 288