Paths to Empowerment

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22 Clarkside Court, Wanneroo WA, Australia
22 Clarkside Court Wanneroo Western Australia 6065 AU

Paths to Empowerment (PTE) Meetup Group supports and empowers families of adult loved ones afflicted by addiction, incarceration, mental illness or homelessness. Parents, Partners, Siblings, or Children.
If you are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, isolated, lonely, sadness, hopelessness, fearful, stress, anxiety, even guilt, shame, depressed, have no one to talk to and just really don’t know what to do or are struggling to cope with your ‘broken’ loved ones, this group is for you.
I know how you feel, and know it is hard to share with most friends and colleagues, most don’t understand. I have lived with these experiences and emotions for over 25 years – and survived; become empowered, strong, resilient, and I have the confidence and desire to support family members going through the same circumstances.

Contact Person
Bev Letton
0417 968 936
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