Sirens of Silence Charity Inc.

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Po Box, 2409, Broome, Western Australia, 6725
6 Gray Street Broome Western Australia 6725 AU

Our Principle Aim
To Support All Emergency Service Personnel, to engage through ‘trust and honesty’ with each other in creating a culture change to remove the social stigma that has long been incumbent on the services.
We strive to achieve a healthy future for all emergency service personnel, by providing alternate pathways and positive support to work through the difficult times.
3 Way Support Process:
1) To raise awareness of Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and Suicide Prevention within the Emergency Services,
2) To provide positive ‘ground level’ peer support and simple guidance of pathways to seek further assistance.
3) To grant financial assistance for those who require specialised treatment .
Our Charity encompasses all areas of emergency service work from Communications staff of 000 calls, through to frontline emergency service volunteers and career staff.

Contact Person
0408 903 519