Vitiligo Association of Australia Inc.

PO Box 250, Riverwood, NSW 2210
53 Coleridge Street Riverwood New South Wales 2210 AU
  • To educate and support patients and families with vitiligo in Australia.
  • To promote research into the pathophysiology (cause) of vitiligo, treatments of the condition and patient care.
  • To eliminate or minimise the social stigma of vitiligo.
  • To increase public awareness of vitiligo through charity events such as fun runs and charity dinners.
  • To assist in the development of international collaboration in areas of vitiligo education, research and services.
  • To represent Australia at international forums on vitiligo.
  • To assist in the area of health policy and planning and to advocate on behalf of people with vitiligo for the improvement of services and health care benefits.
  • Members discounts such as discounted prescription products (0.1% tacrolimus cream/ointment or 20% Monobenzyl ether of hydroquinone.)