Eimear Quigley


Support Group Representative

Eimear Quigley is a Clinical Psychologist and General Manager – Psychology at the ORS Group. Eimear has a lifelong passion for helping others and over the last 20 years, has worked across the mental health, child protection and disability sectors. Working as a clinical psychologist and senior leader in government, non-government and private industries in Perth, regional WA and now at a National level across Australia has given her a strong grounding and focus on compassionately healing others. At ORS she further spreads this person-centred humanistic approach in overseeing the psychological practice of hundreds of psychologists across Australia.

Eimear is enthusiastic to bring her experience and knowledge to the role of Board Member with ConnectGroups. She believes that the solution to human suffering is human connection, and that grassroots Support Groups with people who have lived experience are an essential part of this solution.