A Journey of Resilience and Empowerment

Join us in celebrating Women’s Health Week at an event focused on women’s resilience and empowerment. Featuring a keynote presentation from Jacqueline de Grussa, Founder of the Women’s Recovery Community, the event will be an opportunity for Support Groups and individuals working in the space of women’s health and mental health to meet, network, and learn more about women’s initiatives taking place in the community.

About the Keynote Speaker:
Jacqueline de Grussa is a Sociologist, specialising in Trauma and Addiction, currently consulting for an Indigenous organisation developing various new culturally-specific recovery-based projects. Jacqui is the Founder of Women’s Recovery Community, a platform for women in all forms of recovery to connect and support one another, learn to heal, and restore their lives. Jacqui is the Chairperson for Narcotics Anonymous Public Information Committee and personally sponsors several women on their recovery journeys. Her strong passion for supporting and empowering our most vulnerable has led to the success of the Women’s Recovery Community and other initiatives, and has yielded collaborations with key organisations focused on women’s health and wellbeing.


Date: Wednesday 8th September 2021

Time: 9.30am – 11.30am

Venue: AH Bracks Library, 431 Canning Highway, Melville WA 6156

Cost: FREE