Hand to Heart Resource

A Seniors Social Connection Program for your Local Government Area

This interactive electronic resource provides LGAs with the knowledge and skills to set up and deliver the Hand to Heart Program.

Hand to Heart is a home visiting program targeted at older people who have become isolated from community; it empowers them to create meaningful connections with other members of their community and to re-discover a sense of purpose and belonging. The program consists of a series of home visits by trained volunteers who engage with an older person to identify their interests and barriers to connection, and then provides links to local services, community groups, and activities which match their areas of interest. Hand to Heart is an effective and low-cost program replicable by LGAs nation-wide.

The resource is broken into 7 parts and is designed to be used by Volunteer Coordinators, Program Coordinators, and Community Development Officers of an LGA.

Click here to download the free resource.

For more information about replicating the Hand to Heart program in your LGA, please contact:


Amanda Muir

Hand to Heart Program Coordinator