ConnectGroups Membership Eligibility

ConnectGroups membership is open to Peer Support Groups and organisations that have been active for a minimum of 6 months with a minimum of 5 regular members.

  • Affiliate Membership
    Open to Peer Support Groups operating in Western Australia
  • Associate Membership
    Open to organisations in Western Australia that, within their service delivery, offer one or more Peer Support Groups
  • Allied Membership
    Affiliate or Associate status that conducts its services outside of Western Australia


Membership FAQs

My group has been running for less than 6 months – can I still access ConnectGroups’ services?

New and emerging support groups are still able to access ConnectGroups’ workshops and 1:1 support. In fact, we strongly encourage emerging groups to attend our training focused on introductory skills such as starting and facilitating a group, as it will support you to build strong foundations that will sustain your group in the longer term.

I’m not sure which membership category my group falls under.

If you’re having difficulty determining the right membership category for your group, please contact our team on (08) 9364 6909, and we will be able to support you.

How long will my membership take to process?

Membership applications are assessed at ConnectGroups’ monthly Board Meetings. Depending on when you submit your application, it can take up to 5 weeks to receive notification of your membership outcome, or longer if applying over the Christmas/New Year period. We encourage you to contact our team on (08) 9364 6909 if you would like an update on your membership application status.

My membership application was unsuccessful, what now?

If your membership application was unsuccessful, it means that either your group/organisation does not meet our membership criteria, or the Board of Management did not have sufficient information to demonstrate your group/organisation’s alignment with our membership criteria. Our team will provide you with feedback and, if additional information is required, we will let you know.

I’m interested in applying for a ConnectGroups Pay it Forward grant, but my membership is still pending – is this an issue?

ConnectGroups cannot accept Pay it Forward grant applications from non-members. We recommend contacting our team on (08) 9364 6909 to confirm the anticipated date your membership application will be assessed and if it’s likely to be assessed before the grant application closing date.

It is important to note that while the ConnectGroups team can inform you of the assessment date for membership, we cannot guarantee your membership application will be approved.

I run an online group – am I eligible for membership?

Absolutely! ConnectGroups welcomes membership applications from Peer Support Groups that meet online or via Facebook Groups. Please note that the membership application form differs slightly for online groups, and we encourage you to contact our team on (08) 9364 6909 should you have any questions about the application process.

Contact Us

For more information about your support group membership with ConnectGroups, please contact our team at (08) 9364 6909.

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