Mental Health Corner

The Role of peer Support Groups in Trauma and Recovery

This live webinar, delivered on 13 October 2020, was run by ConnectGroups in partnership with member peer Support Group Soldiers and Sirens during Mental Health Week.

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Free Counselling Services

If you or your Support Group are struggling, ConnectGroups has developed a resource of free telephone and online counselling services available.

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5 Day Lockdown Plan

This article by Act Belong Commit provides a 5-Day plan to keeping mentally healthy during lock-down.

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How to Meditate for Beginners

This short video by Mitch Manly is suited for those who are new to meditation, and takes you through the process of where and when to meditate, how to meditate, and how to stop thinking.

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Looking After your Mental Health During the Pandemic

This article by the Mental Health Commission provides tips and resources to support your mental health during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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Resources for Anxiety, Stress, and Wellbeing

The Black Dog Institute provides a range of articles, digital tools, information and resources to help you look after your mental health and wellbeing.

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Think Mental Health Campaign

The Think Mental Health Campaign contains information on staying mentally healthy and how to access support, as well as resources that service providers are encouraged to use.

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8 Ways to Ease the Pain of Loneliness

This article, by Emma Seppala,provides some tools that can help you build resilience when the pain of loneliness takes hold of you.

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Perth Kindness Pandemic

This online Facebook community is a space to share stories and acts of kindness, and will help to keep you feeling uplifted and positive during this time.

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Mental Health TeleHealth

This fact sheet by eMHprac provides information on managing your mental health online during COVID-19.

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Maintaining your Mental Health During Social Isolation

This information sheet by the Australian Psychological Society outlines some useful strategies you can use to maintain good mental health during this unprecedented time.

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Pilbara Mental Health and AOD Services

This resource, by WACOSS, WAPHA, and PHN, provides a list of mental health and alcohol and other drug services available in the Pilbara region.

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eFriend Virtual Peer Support

eFriend provides up to six sessions of virtual one-on-one peer support using the non-clinical ‘befriending’ methodology combined with the well-established role of mental health peer work to provide mental health support for people experiencing trauma, loneliness and distress via telephone or videoconference.

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Keeping Mentally Healthy While Isolated

This article by Act Belong Commit provides some great ideas to keeping healthy mentally healthy while isolated or when spending a lot of time at home.

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Self Compassion Break

This exercise, by Dr Kristin Neff at, can be used any time of day or night and will help you remember to evoke the three aspects of self-compassion in the moment you need it most

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