Sector Advocacy Network

The ConnectGroups Sector Advocacy Network (SAN) – formerly the Sector Advisory Group – is comprised of ConnectGroups members who represent the peer Support Group sector. The SAN lend their insights, feedback, and advice on the activities and future planning of ConnectGroups.

The SAN aligns to ConnectGroups’ 2022-2024 Peer Support Group Sector Plan in strengthening the organisation’s advocacy efforts and better harnessing the voice of lived experience. The SAN provides the opportunity for the organisation to continuously evaluate its current practices and inform future strategies, whilst allowing members to also gain knowledge and overall perspective of peer Support Group needs.

Terms of Reference 

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Stuart Roberts

Great Southern Noongar Emerging Leaders

Sandra Button

Solace Grief Support Group WA

Ken Bezant


Jo Drayton


Jo Brown

Depression Support Network Albany

Melissa Dumitru

Chronically Inspired – Life.Beyond.Disability

Michelle Greenwood

Invisible Illnesses Inc.