The videos and testimonials below are from GPs, specialists and Support Group members, talking about the benefits of Telehealth and members’ experience of using it. We encourage you to share with your Support Group members.

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Extremely convenient and useful. I was suffering severe pain and after seeing my GP initially in person, she was able to consult with me every day through Telehealth from the comfort of my own home when I was experiencing debilitating symptoms, and was able to advise me of further steps to take without me having to go anywhere.

We were able to use Telehealth for an appointment for my daughter that was originally planned to be at PCH.  It went very smoothly and served its purpose for follow up and was so convenient as a working mother to a large family.  As a health care provider, myself, I know good health care involves the provider asking questions and listening to guide medical decision making and keeping in touch with follow ups. Both of these purposes can be fulfilled nicely with remote consultations.  While some appointments that require in person assessment will always be essential, I am glad that current events have prompted the use of Telehealth.

Dr Kristin Larson, Optometrist and Heart Mum

It was great not having to leave home and be concerned about illness post visit. My son was able to be himself. At hospital visits he can become quite anxious.

I found our Telehealth experience to be extremely satisfactory. I was able to do it from home so therefore was not required to take two children to the GP or find a babysitter. It was especially helpful for us living regionally as well.

My Heart Kid had a physio appointment which was done via Telehealth and I found it great.  It worked well for us as we were able to stay at home meaning my little girl was calmer and better able to do the exercises.

Every opportunity I have I will be using Telehealth for my mother, daughter and myself. I save a lot of time by not having to collect and drive my mother and daughter to the GP, and sometimes having to sit in a waiting room for up to an hour. Telehealth is fantastic.

I have had two GP appointments, a mental health care plan and a psychologist appointment via Telehealth.  All of these have been AMAZING.  I am so grateful for the service as it means I do not have to put myself at risk in public as I am immunosuppressed with advanced lung disease. I hope the service remains as living with a chronic condition is not easy.

Telehealth for scripts has been amazing – saving time and money and reducing risks for chronically ill people in busy GP waiting rooms. As someone who takes medications regularly, it is so helpful to be able to access this service, and I hope it becomes the norm as we move forward.

It’s a miracle to be able to connect with my pain management specialists and health professionals via Telehealth, since when bedridden it is almost impossible to attend weekly. I can now access regular appointments via Telehealth and wish we had this service for the disabled sooner!  Please keep it in place!

Respiratory support appointment went through Telehealth. Very convenient being able to do this in the comfort of our own home and not having to travel to the hospital (approx. 45min away) plus not having to worry about parking was great.

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