ConnectGroups’ workshops are sector-informed and designed for Support Group leaders, facilitators, and volunteers throughout all stages of group development. Navigate the links below to learn more about our workshop topics, or click here to view and register for upcoming sessions.

How to Start a Support Group

Provides the foundation steps to develop the purpose, vision and mission of your Peer Support Group, through an active learning process.

How to Facilitate a Support Group

Defines what makes an effective Facilitator, the roles and responsibilities of a Peer Support Group Facilitator, and troubleshooting tips. The workshop explores the importance of communication and provides useful tools to communicate effectively. The session also considers the perception of conflict and how it may actually be turned into a useful tool for your Group’s sustainability.

Governance and the Board 101

Provides an introduction to Peer Support Group Governance. The session will focus on identifying risk factors that can adversely impact the sustainability of the Group. It will provide participants with the necessary tools to assist and empower them.

Succession Planning

This workshop will develop/consolidate participants’ leadership skills to enhance the growth of their Peer Support Group. Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the correlation between leadership and Facilitation and the role of succession planning in ensuring Group long-term sustainability.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is the fundamental process in defining a Peer Support Group’s direction and key priorities, setting out the actions needed to achieve desired goals. This interactive session will guide participants through the process of strategic planning session with their for their Support Groups.

How to Run an AGM

Provides the practical skills of how to run an Annual General Meeting. The session covers actions are required pre-AGM, during the AGM, and post-AGM.

Mental Health Capability

Supports and educates peer Support Groups which do not typically operate within the mental health space with the knowledge and basic skills to support their members or individuals within the wider community experiencing distress. The workshop will build the capability of Groups to respond to others in distress effectively, safely and with confidence.

Marketing and Social Media

This workshop will look at the basics of Support Group marketing and branding, how to utilise social media to enhance your marketing and social media ‘tips and tricks’.

Facebook 101

Similarly, to Instagram 101, this session takes a look at the functions of Facebook from the beneficial point of view of a Support/Community Group. This includes the utilisation of Facebook Private Groups and Community Pages, Posts and linked content between multiple social media platforms.

Instagram 101

Explores the basic and more advanced functions of Instagram from the perspective of a Support/Community Group. We will deep dive into the planning and scheduling of content, encourage an understanding of how and why to use Instagram Stories, Reels and Multiple Photo Posts and basics tips for increasing audience outreach and engagement.