Multilingual Australia

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Perth WA, Australia
395 Wellington Street Perth Western Australia 6000 AU

Multilingual Australia, previously known as Bilingual Families Perth, is a not-for-profit organisation that has been supporting families from diverse linguistic backgrounds since 2002. Our mission is to identify and address the needs of children, parents, and grandparents of non-English speaking backgrounds in relation to the maintenance and usage of languages other than English at home.

We believe that multilingualism is a valuable asset for individuals and society as a whole, and we strive to promote its benefits.

Our focus is on encouraging families to confidently use a language other than English for communication within the family. Our organisation helps families to overcome the barriers that may prevent them from using their native languages at home, such as a lack of confidence or resources.

While our initial focus was on families with very young children, we now welcome children and family members of all ages. Additionally, we also advocate for multilingualism in the broader community, raising awareness about the benefits of multilingualism and the importance of linguistic diversity.

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