Palmerston Association Inc

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Palmerston also offers the Solid Steps program at Casuarina Prison. The program supports men to break the cycle of addiction to alcohol and other drugs (AOD) within a modified therapeutic community environment. Additionally Palmerston offers the Connect Wanju (Connect and Welcome) program through the General Court Intervention Program within the Perth Metro, aiming to improve access to treatment and support services for accused persons within the court system through connecting people to opportunities for long term change. Both of these services are offered in partnership with Wungening Aboriginal Corporation.

In June 2023, Palmerston was awarded the contract for the Reintegration program at Bunbury Prison in partnership with the South West Aboriginal Medical Service. The STEPS program is designed to achieve a positive, prosocial, recovery-orientated culture and service, where people leaving prison are well supported to transition back into the community, therefore, reducing the risk of recidivism, protecting the community from crime and anti-social behaviour, and reconnecting individuals to family, culture, and community.

Our counselling and group services are FREE and everyone is welcome. Residential rehabilitation is provided at a low cost to residents.  

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Support groups with online meetings available