Chronically Inspired - Life.Beyond.Disability

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73 Southern Cross Circle, Ocean Reef WA, Australia
73 Southern Cross Circle Ocean Reef Western Australia 6027 AU

Bringing people together who live with, or support those, with a chronic condition for peer support, socialisation, and inclusion. With a special interest in mental health, rare disease, lung disease, heart failure, and fibromyalgia. Building on awareness, providing information and education on multiple interactive platforms both in person, digital, and hardcopy. Connecting and networking with other like-minded people and organisations to enable you to view your life beyond disability, with innovation and enjoyment at the forefront. Working together to deal with the impact of chronic conditions on our daily lives by exploring ways to cope with our challenges of trauma, PTSD, poor mental health, and physical limitations while cultivating a better life for ourselves.

Contact Person
Melissa Dumitru
0418 930 291
Support groups with online meetings available