Chronically Inspired - Life.Beyond.Disability

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Ocean Reef WA, Australia
12 Winch Place Ocean Reef Western Australia 6027 AU

Vision: Chronically Inspired envisions a community where individuals, with chronic illnesses, mental health issues & disabilities both physical and intellectual, are accepted into our society exactly as they are. Recognised as having the same qualities, talents, flaws, and challenges as anyone else.  And given the same advantages and privilege without exception.

Mission: Chronically Inspired exists to reinforce the purity of one message; the lived experience and patient expert stories through Honeybee Lifestyle Magazine, and our lifestyle website. We empower through inspiring storytelling, informative content, and supportive collaboration of the unique journeys and lived experiences from our collaborators, and through our networking to highlight the incredible lives so many in our community are living despite their many challenges.


  • Bringing individuals together who care for or live with chronic illness, disability both physical and intellectual, for socialisation, support, and inclusion.
  • Providing a beautiful non-medical scientifically proven lifestyle magazine called Honeybee, and an interactive lifestyle website as the main support, education, entertainment and information.
  • Sharing the lived experience backgrounds and stories from our team of writers.
  • Social media at FB & Instagram to interact with @chronicallyinspiredau
  • A quarterly Enewsletter called Honeybee Hive with links to resources, entertainment and information/education and awareness.
  • Connecting and networking with like minded individuals, community groups, and organisations to enable you to see your life beyond disability, with innovation and enjoyment at the forefront.
  • Encouraging the cultivation of an improved outlook from the limitations that are often experienced when living with these challenges.

Everyone caring for, or living with chronic illness, disability, intellectual disability, and mental health conditions are welcome. Special interest and experience with lung disease, heart disease, PTSD, and pulmonary hypertension.

Community Courses (free) held at North Metro Tafe Joondalup Campus through the Recovery College Alliance for Helping Minds. See website for details and info.

The Tastebuds Club’ social luncheons are held bi-monthly at the Currambine Bar & Bistro (NOR) from 11.30 – 2.30 pm, (Facilitated by Chronically Inspired)

Contact Person
Melissa Dumitru
0418 930 291
Support groups with online meetings available