Mandurah Stroke and Carers Support Group

Belswan Lifestyle Village, Murdoch Drive, Mandurah WA 6210
26 Curtin Way Greenfields Western Australia 6210 AU

Hi, If you’re reading this you or someone you know may have had a stroke, we are very sorry to hear about this.

The Mandurah Stroke and Carers support group meets once a month at the Belswan Lifestyle village in Mandurah. They offer support to stroke survivors and their carers on a peer to peer basis. The group consists of both stroke survivors and carers who can offer advice from the lived experience of dealing with this life changing event.

They meet with the kind support of the Belswan Lifestyle Village in Mandurah on a monthly basis. It is important we understand and follow the villages terms and conditions for our continued use of the venue.

Please email Richard at for further information regarding our meetings times and location details.



Support groups with online meetings available